The Zebris FDM pressure distribution measurement platforms provide valuable information on gait disorders and the roll-off behaviour of the feet, assisting with the diagnosis.

Thanks to the combination of intuitive software and robust hardware the tried and tested zebris FDM measuring system allows for an easy and fast stance gait and roll-off analysis.
Using capacitive pressure sensors, it captures the static and dynamic pressure distribution under the feet while standing, walking or running. The capacitive sensor technology ensures increased durability while the sophisticated calibration of every single sensor guarantees an exact measuring result.
Measurement and evaluation is via the intuitive zebris FDM Software Suite. It evaluates the measuring data of the ground reaction forces and synchronises with the video. The measurement procedure may be observed in the viewer and if necessary be played back in slow motion.

As a supplement to gait analysis, analysis of the static force distribution allows the display of static posture. The measurement platform can be rotated in three dimensions. The measuring platform is integrated into a low-profile walking surface allowing it to be used for all patient types, including those with walking aids.

The intuitive software automatically calculates the standard gait parameters. Proprietary algorithms make it easy to capture multiple steps through the integration of multiple passes across the measurement surface, resulting in precise and accurate measurements. (Platforms available in varying sizes).

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