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Providing the biomechanical solutions to enhance clinical practice through improved client experience and outcomes.

An essential part of movement analysis is the accurate measurement, recording and reporting of relevant human movement.  It is essential that this information drives improvements in clinical decision making to deliver interventions that produce optimal outcomes.  This allows patients to overcome injury, achieve their goals and become raving fans of the clinical experience we offer that is both ahead of the game and like no other.

Biomechanix provides solutions to progressive and professional clinicians as well as researchers throughout Australia and around the globe with the world’s leading products and software for the accurate and actionable measurement of human movement.

Biomechanix is the authorised Australian and New Zealand distributor for a number of key suppliers including Zebris, Delsys and Bertec products.  These companies are world leaders and considered the gold standard when it comes to measuring human movement and performance.

These solutions bridge the gap between clinical research and the clinical setting and are fast becoming best practice amongst allied health professionals who are both innovative and aware that data driven health care is the key to improving the clinical experience.

Changing the medical and allied health industry

Providing innovative solutions for Gait Assessment and Rehabilitation to progressive practices and practitioners as well as research facilities and hospital facilities.

  • Gait and Balance Assessment
  • Running Assessment
  • Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Allied Health Practices
  • High Performance Institutes / Facilities
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Hospital and Rehabilitation Facilities

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Research Grade Equipment

Supports allied health professionals including, physiotherapists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, osteopaths & chiropractors, sports doctors, biomechanists and clinical researchers in accurate assessment of gait/running, balance & human movement


Gait assessment, rehabilitation and retraining of injuries to the lower extremity, sporting injuries, running related injuries, ACL reconstruction, Joint Replacement, Post-surgery, as well as, neurological conditions including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy & Spinal Cord injuries.

Innovative Technology

Innovative technology that applies to gait & running assessment, balance assessment, force plate analysis, gait & balance retraining via visual and auditory feedback.  Applications as both an assessment tool as well as a treatment modality in the clinical and research setting.

Easy to Understand Reporting

Gait & balance reporting that is both accurate and actionable providing information on kinetic and kinematic variables.  Easy to understand reporting that guides clinical practice and can highlight improvements over time to achieve optimal outcomes

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Instrumented Treadmills

pressure plates

Pressure Plates

Motion Capture

Motion Capture

Force Plates

Force Plates

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