About Us

Who are we?

Biomechanix was set up to provide the most advanced technology to progressive practices, clinicians and research facilities who are looking for a new and improved way of doing things.  Biomechanix is owned and run by Quinton Le Fevre and Alex Bell who both are clinicians and are always looking for a new way of doing things within the clinical setting.  It is the understanding of the clinical workflow that has led to the successful implementation of this technology into the clinical setting both in the fields of podiatry and physiotherapy.  For us we were looking to provide a better level of care to our communities and were looking to implement true data driven healthcare.  For successful implementation of technology within the clinical setting to occur the data needs to be both fast, accurate and actionable.  We understand this and have created the perfect solution to build better businesses through better outcomes ustilising better technology.

Our drive is simple.

  • How can we implement the best technology to accurately assess gait and human movement
  • How can we improve clinical decision making to optimise outcomes for patients
  • How can we continue to enhance the client experience to create clinics and communities that are healthy and thriving.

Accurate Assessment

Actionable interventions

Optimal Outcomes

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