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Simi Aktisys - Running Analysis

Simi Aktisys - Balance Assessment

Simi Aktisys - Report

Capturing motion via video is nothing new, it is subjective though. Biomechanix offer a number of solutions that add measurement to the video this can be angles, rotations, lengths, distances and velocities.

This adds a new dimension to the capabilities of motion analysis across a wide range of applications.

The systems are being employed in fields such as medicine, sport and industry, they are distinguished by their extensive capabilities and also their integration for daily use. The Simi systems have been specifically developed to provide a series of systems that address a wide group of users and applications, the  graph below gives an indication of the shows  to which system would best suit your purpose.

Simi chart1.png

Horizontal axis (output) - system complexity, precision of data, functionality

Vertical axis (input) - cost, deployment, training

Simi Motion Twin - Simi MotionTwin is designed to conduct quick and simple video supported movement analysis. MotionTwin focuses on rapid and simple operation and the comparison of several videos at one time. MotionTwin facilitates the visual comparison of videos and differences in movement with diverse viewing options and the possibility for basic 2D static frame measurements. 

Simi Aktisys (2D & 3D) - Simi Aktisys is the quickest and most simple way of conducting dynamic movement analyses; processed data can be obtained with just three clicks of the mouse! The software uses coloured LED markers to calculate measurements from videos or directly from the live-stream.

Simi Motion (2D & 3D) - Simi Motion provides an extensive platform for motion capture and 2D/3D movement analysis. Simi Motion can be tailored to the needs of the specific user. A range of configurations are possible to suit customers who would prefer to conduct quick and simple analysis as well as for those of a more scientific background, wishing to solve complex problems.

Simi Shape - Simi Shape 3D allows full-body 3D motion capture and analysis without any markers! Simi Shape captures movement based on silhouettes.




Simi Shape - Javelin Analysis (outdoors)

Simi Shape - Trampolining assessment

Simi Shape - Automotive investigations

Simi Motion - 3D Biomechanical Running  Analysis

Simi Shape - Running Analysis

Markerless Motion Capture - Soccer Kick Analysis

Markerless Motion Capture - Tennis Serve Analysis