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Gait Analysis - Zebris (report examples)

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Whether it be gait analysis, running analysis, stance analysis or orthotic diagnosis, Biomechanix offers a number of solutions to assist in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the patient or athlete.

Zebris and Bertec force plates and instrumented treadmills, Simi motion analysis video systems

System highlights

  • Immediate visual feedback for patient, athlete & practioner
  • Clear graphical representations of force, pressure, angles and distances
  • Quantitative data for measurement and comparison
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Great patient/athlete experience


The Zebris FDM pressure distribution measurement platforms provide valuable information on gait disorders and the roll-off behaviour of the feet, assisting with the diagnosis.


Thanks to the combination of intutive software and robust hardware the tried and tested zebris FDM measuring system allows fo an easy and fast stance gait and roll-off analysis.

Using capacitive pressure sensors, it captures the static and dynamic pressure distribution under the feet while standing, walking or running. The capacitive sensor technology ensures increased durability while the sophisticated calibration of every single sensor guarantees an exact measuring result.

Software 1.PNG

Measurement and evaluation is via the intuitive zebris FDM Software Suite. It evaluates the measuring data of the ground reaction forces and synchronises with the video. The measurement procedure may be observed in the viewer and if necessary be played back in slow motion.

Software 2 (edited2).png

As a supplement to gait analysis, analysis of the static force distribution allows the display of static posture. The measurement platform can be rotated in three dimensions. 

The measuring platform is integrated into a low-profile walking surface allowing it to be used for all patient types, including those with walking aids.

FDM basic.png

The intuitive software automatically calculates the standard gait parameters. Proprietary algorithms make it easy to capture multiple steps through the integration of multiple passes across the measurement surface, resulting in precise and accurate measurements. (Platforms available in varying sizes). 



An international leader in force measurement technology for biomechanics, Bertec Corporation began offering multi-component load transducers in 1987. Bertec specialise in gait analysis equipment, balance assessment and training, ergonomics, athletic performance, and industrial applications for specialised load cells/transducers.


Researchers and clinicians in gait labs all over the world have trusted Bertec to provide accurate force measuring equipment and software. Hundreds of researchers and clinicians at gait laboratories around the world trust Bertec biomechanics measurement technology. Bertec’s Fully Instrumented Treadmills, Force Plates, Balance Plates, and Force Bars with integrated software capture and deliver precise data.

Bertec offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions to accurately capture and analyze multi-axis force measurements. Our products are reliable, durable, and versatile — providing cost-effective investments that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Bertec Force Plates have been specifically designed for gait, balance, ergonomic and sports analyses using strain gauge technology, innovative designs, and quality manufacturing.


Simi Aktisys is the quickest and easiest way of conducting dynamic movement analyses; processed data can be obtained with just three clicks of the mouse! The software uses coloured LED markers to calculate measurements from videos or directly from the live-stream! Years of work on high-performance algorithm developments have led to the production of Simi Aktisys, so that it is able to recognise and identify markers in real-time on video recordings. This milestone in the advancement of video analysis technique was achieved by Simi in collaboration with research partners from all over the world.

Simi Aktisys is a time saving, efficient, dynamic and cost effective movement analysis system. With the fully automatic tracking of coloured LED markers, Simi Aktisys reduces analysis time, and delivers a better quality of data for your work. The software employs the most up-to-date technology available and excels in its user friendly qualities. Small markers are located automatically on the camera image, captured during the recording and the resulting data is put at your disposal. As a result, rapid analyses using reliable data, as well as biofeedback solutions, are possible.


Gait Analysis - Simi (report examples)

Stance Analysis - Zebris (report examples)