Gait Analysis

Whether it be gait analysis, running analysis, stance analysis or orthotic diagnosis, Biomechanix offers a number of solutions to assist in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the patient or athlete.

The process of ambulation combines complex interactions of human movement and the environment. Accurate assessment of ambulation can have profound effects on tailoring the treatment plan to reduce pain and improve function.

The use of an instrumented treadmill has clinical applications in gait analysis, balance assessment, gait retraining and is combined with pressure/force parameters as well as motion capture to provide comprehensive analysis and gain the full clinical picture. This use of an instrumented treadmill provides insights and validation of treatment strategies such as gait retraining, strength and mobility of targeted tissue as well as the correct prescription of foot orthosis.

These proven measurement systems, generating precise and accurate information are fast becoming the gold standard of clinical practice as innovative clinicians and researchers seek to improve the client experience and outcomes. Walking a patient up the hallway and simply visualising movement patterns is becoming a thing of the past as we move to a new and improved way of doing things within the clinical setting.

Assessing human movement accurately allows the clinician to formulate a treatment plan that is both valid and data driven. The ability to assess and reassess the effect of the intervention is paramount to ensure that the patient is progressing as expected and that the treatment pathway is successful.
Essentially, this technology leads to improved patient outcomes through data driven healthcare.

Instrumented Treadmills

The zebris FDM instrumented treadmills equipped with pressure distribution platforms provide valuable information on the gait cycle (walking and running), the roll off behavior of the feet as well as, balance assessment (single leg and double leg) to assist with diagnosis and treatment of many conditions within the clinical setting. The Zebris FDM treadmill is the most versatile assessment and treatment tool in the clinical setting.

Between 3000  to 6000 capacitive sensors per pressure plate

Available in over 6

treadmill options to suit your clinical requirements

Who is this for?

Podiatrists / Physiotherapists / Osteopaths / Chiropractors

  • Accurate assessment of high pressure areas leading to improved outcomes via interventions such as orthotic prescription, taping, footwear  and targeted  strength and mobility
  • Improved clinical decision making in the prescription of orthotics and orthosis
  • Accurate assessment of high pressure areas in the management of diabetic footcare
  • Gait assessment and management of foot, ankle and injuries to the lower limb
  • Balance assessment both single leg and double leg
  • The most advanecd Running and biomechanical assessment in the clinical setting
  • Assessment of load symetrry between limbs
  • Dynamic and static assessments of balance and posture
  • Applying gait reeducation strategies with patients post hip, knee, foot and ankle surgery.
  • ACL rehabilitation and return to run/sport decision making
  • Identification and treatment of high risk falls patients and elderly
  • Enhanced patient experience, education and understanding of their condition
  • Improved reporting and marketing to referral partners via intuative and easy to use software

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